Detox Records Catalogue:

Innergy: Comet Crashtest /Welcome Asteroid - TOX001
Solar #7: Hard Spectrum - TOX002
Marzz: Orbiter / Velvet Star - TOX003
Satcom: X-Clusive Content / Moz Blender - TOX004
Innergy: Dynomite - TOX005
Hans Weekhout: Shrill City - TOX006
Liquid Blue: Mindscape/New Mode - TOX007
Dano vs Van Giessen: Who Am I ? - TOX008
Tom Harding vs Marzz: Bring Back That Feeling - TOX009
Marzz: Helion Prime / Time To Space - TOX010
Mark Sherry: Vengeance/Live and Learn - TOX011
Julius Geluk: Pony-Pak / G.A.S. - TOX012
Dano vs Marzz: 25-SIX - TOX013
Gleave: Lights Out / Pure Eyes - TOX014
Marzz: Orbiter 2006 Remixes - TOX015
Mark Sherry vs James Allan: Red Alert - TOX016
Gleave: Focus / Minimal Noise - TOX017
Michael Dow: Colossal - TOX018
Mark Sherry vs James Allan: Biosphere / the Message - TOX019
Anne Savage vs Marzz: the Unknown - TOX020
Joey V: Chopperchunk - TOX021
Gleave: Fire Devil - TOX022
Marzz: Kosmonautentraum - TOX023
Mark Sherry vs Dr Willis: Here Come the Drums - TOX024
Dave Schiemann: See U in the Moonlight - TOX025
Joey V: Grizzly Grit - TOX026
David Forbes vs Dr Willis: The Kracken - TOX027
Gleave: Kick Break / Lights Out 08 - TOX028
Marzz: Transponder - TOX029
Dazzle: Backwards - TOX030 - LAST VINYL RELEASE
Julius Geluk: She's a Bitch / Sweetness - TOX031
Second Sine: Raketa / Tvoy Mir - TOX032
Mark Sherry's Outburst: Live&Learn/Vengeance Remixes - TOX033
Joey V: Bleeper Squeaker/Hellish - TOX034
David Walker: Mystify - TOX035
Tigran Oganezov: Global Contr0ll3r - TOX036
Mark Sherry&James Allan vs Dr Willis: Sectioned - TOX037
Lang & Yep: Workshop - TOX038
Gleave: Back2Front - TOX039
Tigran Oganezov: Hormone - TOX040
Joey V: 1000 Decibels of V - TOX041
RAM: Godspeed - TOX042
Kutski vs BRK3: 4th Dimension - TOX043
Mark Sherry vs James Allan: Blood Moon - TOX044
Lang & Yep: Paradise Culebra - TOX045
BRK3: M4CH1N3 - TOX046
NuEra: Blow - TOX047
Joey V: Show Me The Noise - TOX048
Mark Sherry vs James Allan: Reflux - TOX049
Tigran Oganezov: Believers - TOX050
Tempo Giusto: Raptor - TOX051
Mark Sherry vs Dr Willis: Seismic - TOX052
Tigran Oganezov: Global Konter0ll3r Remixes - TOX053
Mark Sherry vs James Allan: Mindset - TOX054
Organ Donors: The Drum - TOX055
Urry Fefelove & Abramasi: Autobahn - TOX056
Tigran Oganezov: Mumbai - TOX057
Stana: Tempo / Amnesia - TOX058
Joey V: Bomb - TOX059
Urry Fefelove & Abramasi: Ghost - TOX060
Tigran Oganezov: Tee Kee Raa - TOX061
Jase Thirlwall: Midget - TOX062
Marzz: Ultradense - TOX063
Stana: Schmucks & Ducks - TOX064
UCast: Revenge - TOX065
Kirill Ivanov: Manifest - TOX066
Ronnie Pacitti: Phaze One - TOX067
Damo Kay & Mark Young: Counter Measures - TOX068
R7: Willpower - TOX069
Jase Thirlwall: Cupcake - TOX070
Dave Walker: Dark as black - TOX071
Simon Williams vs Nick Sagar-House: Into Flames- TOX072
Ronnie Pacitti: Astralis - TOX073
Growler: Control Freak - TOX074
Stana: Spider - TOX075
DJ Choose & Fredin: Cant Take You There - TOX076
Mac&Taylor: Mission 1NE - TOX077
Maria Healy: Badush - TOX078
KloneZ: Spirit - TOX079
Subimpact: Turn It On - TOX080
Johann Stone: Hobo Disco - TOX081
Jase Thirlwall: Naughty Corner - TOX082
Andy Paterson: Cracked - TOX083
Drama: Ognimara - TOX084
Joey V: Massive - TOX085
Chris Goy: Monstrous - TOX086
Stana: Poncho - TOX087
Second Sine: Blue Beam Project - TOX088
Johann Stone: Black Friday - TOX089
Mac&Taylor: Mission 2WO - TOX090
Chris Goy: Screwball - TOX091