10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY: 2002-2012

Detox Records was built upon the ashes of pioneering 90-ies imprints Go Bang! & ESP and started out in the fall of 2002 with the first Innergy / Marzz release (vinyl only at the time!) ‘Comet Crashtest’ / 'Welcome Asteroid'.

Detox produces a unique sound of its own catering to the hard post-millenium crowd and the new generation of harder DJs from around theworld. Magazines like Mixmag, labeled Detox the leading Tech Trance label and yesss Tech Trance, topped-off with a dirty slice of Electro are important ingredients in the final Detox blend.

Marzz - Orbiter (TOX 003 - 2003) was an essential record, a record that made clear what Detox was all about and showed a little piece of what we could expect in the future. This Tech Trance anthem avant la lettre prooved to be a true classic.
Another huge record for Detox was Chopperchunk (TOX021 - 2007)- an amazing blend of Tech Trance and Electro by redhot newcomer DJ Joey V - who has delivered many great productions since and is an important in-house producer.

Michiel Overeem aka Marzz aka Innergy is one of the founders of the label and as well an important in-house producer.
Scottish prime trance DJ Mark Sherry played an important roll in the label in scouting for new talent worldwide and delivering some great tracks himself as well as top-notch remixes together with partner in crime James Allan.
Indeed Detox developed into a huge platform for new producers from all around the world to get their first productions released - among others Tigran Oganezov and Dave Schiemann.
But well-known hard dance heroes like Kutski and the Organ Donors knew also how to find their way to the Detox HQ.

Now in the digital-only age Detox will concentrate on both anthem-like bombers and more groundbreaking innovative tracks.
The leading-line will stay on the hard edge, new talent and new experiments.

Biggest newcomers this year and huge promises for the future are Johann Stone from Iceland, KloneZ from Canada and Chris Goy from Scotland.

This year 2012 we celebrate both the 10-year anniversary for the label as well as the approach of the 100th release.
Welcome to 2012 !!! Welcome to 10 years of Detox Records !!! And welcome to the future!!!